Landscaping changes on West Springs Gate medians are being coordinated with contractor and City, and are expected in July 2023.

West Springs Farm Home Owners Association

The required funding to maintain the Enhanced Facilities is raised through a common Annual Rent Fee paid by each house in West Springs Farm.

Annual Fee: $150
Payment Deadline: June 1st each year

Fee Payment Options

  1. Cheque payable to WEST SPRINGS FARM HOA and mailed to:

    West Springs Farm Home Owners Association
    c/o Simco Management
    2478 - 91 Avenue SE
    Calgary, AB T2C 5H3
  2. Annual Rent Fees payments may also be made online at the Condo Control Central website per instructions below:
    • You should have already received your Username and temporary password to login to the system for the first time. If you have not received this, please email and advise her of your email address and property address in West Springs. She will email you a Welcome Letter from Condo Control Central with your Username and temporary password.
    • When you login the first time, you will have to change your temporary password.
    • When you are in the system, click on the Tab Make a Payment which is located on the menu on the left hand of the screen.
    • The system will ask you: What do you want to do today? Click on Make a Payment.
    • You will need to complete the following items:
      • I want to pay for: One Time Payment
      • What are you paying for: West Springs Farm HOA Fee
      • Reference/Invoice #: Enter the Unit Code that is on the invoice, e.g. WSCL003
      • Amount: Enter the amount you are paying
      • Service Fee: The Service Fee amount will pop up to let you know how much it will be. It is the credit card holder that pays the merchant fees which is what these fees are based on.
      • Requestor Comment: You may add a note here if you wish
      • Last Text Box: Enter your name
    • Click Next.
    • This is where you will enter your credit card information.


Fees Arrears Administration

  1. The rate of interest on any WSFHOA outstanding Annual Rent Fees Arrears effective February 1, 2013 shall be Ten Per Cent (10%) in excess of the prime per annum commercial rate of interest charged by the Royal Bank of Canada from time to time calculated half yearly (but not in advance) and compounded monthly. This increase has been authorized by the WSFHOA Board of Directors at a Special WSFHOA Board Meeting in January 2013.
  2. For any Home Owner with current Annual Rent Fees not paid within 90 days of June 1st of the current year, authorization for collection enforcement will be turned over to WSFHOA Legal Counsel. Collection enforcement actions as permitted by the Encumbrance registered against the property and as permitted under the Land Titles Act (Alberta) may include the following:
    1. Demand Letter from WSFHOA Legal Counsel to the registered owner of the property with draft of letter to the mortgage company.
    2. If no response or agreed upon arrangement payments following the Demand Letter, a Statement of Claim will be issued and served upon the registered owners and forwarded to the mortgage company. Certificate of Pending Litigation (CPL) will be registered on the Certificate of Title to the property.
    3. If no response or should there be no agreement upon payment arrangements following service of the Statement of Claim, an application will be brought before the courts seeking a Redemption Order (i.e. judgement on the debt).
    4. Further legal action as permitted by said Redemption Order could be as extreme as the property being listed for sale pursuant to a Judicial Listing with a Court Supervision/ Approval of the Sale.
  3. Legal Costs associated with collection efforts will be added to the Fees Arrears amounts, so it is in the property owner's interest to ensure that the WSFHOA Annual Rent Fees are paid within the specified period.