Landscaping changes on West Springs Gate medians are being coordinated with contractor and City, and are expected in July 2023.

West Springs Farm Home Owners Association

Origins of Our Community

The West Springs Farm Home Owners Association (WSFHOA) was established in 1999 by an agreement between the City of Calgary and Landstar Development Corporation, the developer of West Springs Farm, to enable a higher level of landscaping and landscaping maintenance for the common areas of West Springs Farm than the City standard. This creation of a Home Owners Association or Residents Association to maintain Enhanced Facilities has become a common practice in Calgary that started with the Lake Bonavista development in the 1960's and has since extended to all new developments.

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The required funding to maintain these Enhanced Facilities is raised through a common Annual Rent Fee paid by Home Owners in West Springs Farm. All Home Owners are members of the WSFHOA by way of an encumbrance that is attached to their property title.

From its inception in 1999 until home and facility development was essentially complete in 2005, Landstar Development Corporation managed the WSFHOA on behalf of the Home Owners of West Springs Farm. At the April 6, 2005, Extraordinary Meeting of the WSFHOA, Landstar proposed to transfer management of the WSFHOA from the developer to the Home Owners of West Springs Farm in accord with the initial plan. The Home Owners voted in favour of the transfer and proceeded to elect a Board of Directors from volunteer Home Owners to oversee the transition and ongoing management of the WSFHOA.

In the case of West Springs Farm, a Home Owners Association was established to maintain the common areas over and above the standard to which the City of Calgary would. The City accepted the handover from the developer and the West Springs Farm Home Owners Association took over responsibility for the maintenance of the enhanced areas. The relationship of maintaining the enhanced areas was now between the City and the WSFHOA.