Landscaping changes on West Springs Gate medians are being coordinated with contractor and City, and are expected in July 2023.

West Springs Farm Home Owners Association

Attention: Realtors/Solicitors

All West Springs Farm properties have an Encumbrance registered against the property title in favour of the West Springs Farm Home Owners Association (WSFHOA) for the purpose of securing the Annual Rent Fees in support of maintaining the WSFHOA Enhanced Facilities.

  1. In the event of the sale of the property, as part of the property sale transaction, the seller's solicitor is responsible, as a minimum, to ensure that the Annual Rent Fees and Arrears have been paid for the period up to the date of title transfer and/or for collection of those Annual Rent Fees and Arrears still owing, and payment of same to the WSFHOA. Any recovery of any pro-rated prepayment of the Annual Rent Fees is strictly between the buyer and seller.

    Please contact Simco Management ( or 403-234-0166) to determine the status of WSFHOA Annual Rent Fees/Arrears for the respective West Springs Farm property being considered.
  2. In the event of non-collection of Annual Rent Fees/Arrears owing during the property sale transaction and the new Home Owner takes possession of the property, the new Home Owner will be liable for all prior/current Arrears including any legal fees in regards to the collection of the Arrears.
  3. Any partial Annual Rent Fees payment will be applied firstly to the Arrears portion and secondly to the non-Arrears portion.