West Springs Farm Home Owners Association

Property Sale Information

All WSFHOA properties have an Encumbrance registered against the property title in favour of the West Springs Farm Home Owners Association for the purpose of securing the Annual Rent Fees in support of maintaining the WSFHOA Enhanced Facilities.

The registered property owner is responsible for that year's Annual Rent Fees payment at the commencement of each calendar year and, in the event of sale of the property during the calendar year, recovery of any pro-rated payment of the Annual Rent Fees is strictly between the buyer and seller.

It is the responsibility of the sellers' solicitor to ensure that the Annual Rent Fees have been paid for the year period and/or for the collection of Annual Rent Fees/Arrears owing and payment of same to the WSFHOA as part of the property sales transaction. As a minimum, the seller's solicitor is responsible to ensure payment of the Annual Rent Fees/Arrears and pro-rated Annual Rent Fees to the date of the property sale transfer to the new owner.

For information as to Annual Rent Fees/Arrears owing, please contact:

Carrie Viseur, Simco Management
Email: Carrie@simcomgt.com

Outstanding Annual Rent Fees/Arrears are to be made Payable to WEST SPRINGS FARM HOA and mailed to:

West Springs Farm Home Owners Association
c/o Simco Management
2478 - 91 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB T2C 5H3